Do automatic cradles have adjustable speed?

Yes. Automatic cradles and cradle automation kits are equipped with adjustable speed features. 

What is the maximum weight capacity of these cradles?

MamaLaps’s automatic cradles can withstand 15 kg weight and manual cradles can withstand 20 kg weight.

Do you need a technician to install the cradle?

No, these cradles are very easy to assemble, transport and require no tools. You can learn about the installation here. 

Is it equipped with a mosquito net?

Yes. All the MamaLaps cradles are equipped with mosquito nets. 

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty is only applicable on electrical parts like ‘Cradle automizer & Swing controller’ only.

Warranty will be void in case of misuse, alteration, faulty installation or misapplication of the product and use of lubrication. Warranty does not cover the failure of products or components due to any act of nature like lightning, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or any other such events.

Do Mamalaps cradles come with a carry case?

Yes. Cradles are foldable and portable. You can easily disassemble it, fold it and carry with the carry case that comes along with the cradle. 

Does it require lubricants?

Not at all. These cradles are made to work swiftly to provide the maximum safety and comfort to your baby.

How check my order status?

Go to my account section and find the order tab. In the order tab you can see your order status like processing, pending, shipped, delivered.

How to track my courier?

To track you courier just go to my order page and click on View order button, in the your order panel you can see Courier tracking number with courier company name, Also you click on tracking link to track courier.